Tanya's Love affair With Art

I am honored to be a  wife and mom of three! I have one teenager and one who is almost a teenager so I have a special heart for them. I met the Lord when I was 12 . I'm forever greatful for his love and for all the horrible things he has caused me to overcome in my life. This is a way for me to give back and be blessed in the process!   I will keep sharing whatever is in my wild imagination in hopes that you are blessed too.

 I love all kinds of art. Oil painting, wood carving, mixed media shadow boxes, greeting cards, sewing, singing, and floral design. I have been a floral designer for over 20 years. I will never stop creating new things! Albert Einstein said, “True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” I completely agree! As long as the Lord puts new designs in my head and heart I will share!

 I find drawing abstract art as in these book to be relaxing. It gives me a different kind of comforting joy. I hope you feel that joy as you color the pages. 
Thanks again for all your support! Hugs!


Dip Me In Color

Author: Tanya Cochran

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