Dip Me In Color

Author: Tanya Cochran

Dip Me In Color

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Introducing "Chums"! Little hand sculpted abstract creatures designed by... 

Dip Me In Color's author: Tanya Cochran


Tanya Cochran

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Eeeeek!! I'm so excited to be able to offer these to you!

This is a 4 book series of coloring books for teenagers. 50 drawings are in each book. They are all abstract drawings and each one is different and unique just like the teenagers of today! On the left side of each drawing is a bible scripture!

The Books are 105 pages in total so it's fairly thick. The size is 8.5in X 11 in. Please visit my Facebook Page to see a video flip through of each book!

Email me with any questions: tanyacochran@mail.com

Copyright © 2016

Tanya Cochran

The Lord has given Tanya an overactive imagination and she is excited to share it with all of you. She has geared these books for the teenagers of today.  They are unique and special!


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Abstract Art

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Abstract drawings

in each book!!!